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CS : Complete Story  AP : Audience Participation

Language Title Type Genre ISBN Japanese
How to perform Kamishibai Q&A in English English How to perform Kamishibai Q&A in English 978-4-494-02242-7 ¥1,540E
Grow Grow Grow Bigger! English Grow Grow Grow Bigger! AP Kyokan 978-4-494-07953-7 ¥2,145E
Baby Chick English Baby Chick AP Kyokan 978-4-494-07954-4 ¥2,750E
Everybody Clap! English Everybody Clap! AP Kyokan 978-4-494-07956-8 ¥2,145E
Tomodachi Da-re English Tomodachi Da-re 978-4-494-07976-6 ¥2,145E
Where is apple’s home? English Where is apple’s home? 978-4-494-07977-3 ¥2,145E
The kind friends English The kind friends 978-4-494-07978-0 ¥2,145E
Blanc,le petit chanton French Blanc,le petit chanton CS Fiction 978-4-494-07922-3 ¥3,300E
Le chef cuisinier est de mauvais poil French Le chef cuisinier est de mauvais poil AP Fiction 978-4-494-07923-0 ¥3,300E
De bons amis French De bons amis CS Fiction 978-4-494-07925-4 ¥3,300E
Ouiii! French Ouiii! 978-4-494-07926-1 ¥2,750E
Les roses sauvages French Les roses sauvages CS Peace, Environment 978-4-494-07928-5 ¥3,300E
Une mer bienfaisante French Une mer bienfaisante AP Peace, Environment 978-4-494-07930-8 ¥2,750E
Ho hisse! Ho hisse! French Ho hisse! Ho hisse! Kyokan 978-4-494-07931-5 ¥4,070E
Le vrai pere French Le vrai pere CS Folktales 978-4-494-07933-9 ¥3,300E
Gros,plus gros,encore plus gros French Gros,plus gros,encore plus gros AP Kyokan 978-4-494-07935-3 ¥2,750E
Tim la coccinelle French Tim la coccinelle CS Science, Learning 978-4-494-07936-0 ¥3,300E
Bebe poussin French Bebe poussin AP Kyokan 978-4-494-07938-4 ¥3,300E
Yamamba ou comment gober une sorciere French Yamamba ou comment gober une sorciere CS Folktales 978-4-494-07939-1 ¥4,070E
Robot kamii chibizounomaki French Robot kamii chibizounomaki CS Fiction 978-4-494-07940-7 ¥3,300E
Le moineau a la langue coupée French Le moineau a la langue coupée 978-4-494-07942-1 ¥4,070E
How the Witch was Eaten Up Japanese How the Witch was Eaten Up CS Folktales 978-4-494-07411-2 ¥2,090E
Baby Chick Japanese Baby Chick CS Fiction 978-4-494-07443-3 ¥1,760E
Dumplings from Heaven Japanese Dumplings from Heaven CS Fiction 978-4-494-07446-4 ¥1,760E
Tamagoro the Tadpole Japanese Tamagoro the Tadpole CS Science, Learning 978-4-494-07457-0 ¥1,760E
Shiro-chan, the Little White Kitten Japanese Shiro-chan, the Little White Kitten CS Fiction 978-4-494-07458-7 ¥1,760E
The Fox Who Became a Rainbow Japanese The Fox Who Became a Rainbow CS Folktales 978-4-494-07476-1 ¥1,760E
Mr. Cook in a Sulky Mood Japanese Mr. Cook in a Sulky Mood AP Fiction 978-4-494-07497-6 ¥1,760E
Grow Grow Grow Bigger! Japanese Grow Grow Grow Bigger! AP Kyokan 978-4-494-07498-3 ¥1,540E
Everybody Clap! Japanese Everybody Clap! AP Kyokan 978-4-494-07499-0 ¥1,540E
It’s Snack Time! Japanese It’s Snack Time! AP Daily Life, Events 978-4-494-07500-3 ¥1,760E
Tumbling Taros Japanese Tumbling Taros CS Folktales 978-4-494-07504-1 ¥1,760E
The Amazing  [“Ah”] Witch Japanese The Amazing [“Ah”] Witch AP Science, Learning 978-4-494-07525-6 ¥1,760E
From Where Does the Sun Appear? Japanese From Where Does the Sun Appear? CS Science, Learning 978-4-494-07558-4 ¥1,760E
The Ocean of Kariyushi Japanese The Ocean of Kariyushi AP Peace, Environment 978-4-494-07570-6 ¥1,540E
The Celestial Robe Japanese The Celestial Robe CS Folktales 978-4-494-07593-5 ¥2,090E
Father Japanese Father CS Folktales 978-4-494-07595-9 ¥1,760E
Temu the Ladybug Japanese Temu the Ladybug CS Science, Learning 978-4-494-07596-6 ¥1,760E
Duck the King Japanese Duck the King CS Folktales 978-4-494-07597-3 ¥1,760E
Sleepyhead Mr. Potato Japanese Sleepyhead Mr. Potato CS Fiction 978-4-494-07598-0 ¥1,760E
The Sleigh of Fu-chan Japanese The Sleigh of Fu-chan CS Fiction 978-4-494-07600-0 ¥1,760E
A Song for Pippo Japanese A Song for Pippo AP Fiction 978-4-494-07615-4 ¥1,760E
Sabu-chan the King Japanese Sabu-chan the King CS Daily Life, Events 978-4-494-07623-9 ¥1,760E
The Biggest Cake in the World Japanese The Biggest Cake in the World CS Fiction 978-4-494-07624-6 ¥1,760E
Kind Friends Japanese Kind Friends CS Fiction 978-4-494-07628-4 ¥1,760E
The Hungry Round Ogres Japanese The Hungry Round Ogres CS Science, Learning 978-4-494-07660-4 ¥1,760E
Transformation! Japanese Transformation! AP Science, Learning 978-4-494-07663-5 ¥1,540E
Heave-Ho, Heave-Ho Japanese Heave-Ho, Heave-Ho AP Kyokan 978-4-494-07713-7 ¥2,090E
Kamii the Robot: Kamii and the Toy Elephant Japanese Kamii the Robot: Kamii and the Toy Elephant CS Fiction 978-4-494-07848-6 ¥1,760E
Never Again Japanese Never Again CS Peace, Environment 978-4-494-07863-9 ¥1,760E
Wild Roses Japanese Wild Roses CS Peace, Environment 978-4-494-07864-6 ¥1,760E
The Oath of Peace Japanese The Oath of Peace CS Peace, Environment 978-4-494-07865-3 ¥2,090E
My Giant Water Bug Japanese My Giant Water Bug CS Science, Learning 978-4-494-07906-3 ¥1,760E
The Ivory Comb Japanese The Ivory Comb CS Peace, Environment 978-4-494-07969-8 ¥1,320E
The Mother Cat Japanese The Mother Cat CS Fiction 978-4-494-08751-8 ¥1,760E
Go, Go, Little Dinosaur! Japanese Go, Go, Little Dinosaur! CS Science, Learning 978-4-494-08831-7 ¥2,420E
The Train is Coming! Japanese The Train is Coming! CS Daily Life, Events 978-4-494-08840-9 ¥1,540E
Is Mother Back Yet? Japanese Is Mother Back Yet? CS Fiction 978-4-494-08845-4 ¥1,980E
Tofu and Broad Bean Japanese Tofu and Broad Bean CS Folktales 978-4-494-08970-3 ¥1,540E
The Farting Young Wife Japanese The Farting Young Wife CS Folktales 978-4-494-08975-8 ¥1,980E
Kamishibai stage Kamishibai stage 978-4-494-07300-9 ¥11,524E
Une chanson pour pippo Une chanson pour pippo AP Fiction 978-4-494-07924-7 ¥3,300E
Le plus gros des gateaux du monde Le plus gros des gateaux du monde CS Fiction 978-4-494-07929-2 ¥3,300E
J'en veux pas J'en veux pas 978-4-494-07932-2 ¥2,145E
Roi canard Roi canard CS Folktales 978-4-494-07934-6 ¥3,300E
Tous en un! Tous en un! AP Science, Learning 978-4-494-07937-7 ¥2,145E
L'histoire du crabe L'histoire du crabe 978-4-494-07941-4 ¥4,070E

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