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Ten kara odango

Dumplings from Heaven

Dumplings from Heaven

Gozan Takahashi, Yukou Kanazawa

This kamishibai is based on a 1948 work by Gozan Takahashi, known as a founder of kindergarten kamishibai. Yuko Kanazawa has faithfully brought the story to life again. Two story options are printed on the back of the sheets; the “spring version” is Gozan’s original. This story wraps listeners in a mysterious happiness, as though the life of the long-lived old woman has been handed to them. The “autumn version” of the work is Seishi Horio’s later adaptation and has a realistic, instructive aspect.

  • ¥1,760E
  • Sep 1, 1976
  • page:12sheets
  • ISBN:978-4-494-07446-4

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