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Onebo na jagaimo-san

Sleepyhead Mr. Potato

Sleepyhead Mr. Potato

Kazuko Murayama, Tomoyoshi Murayama

This 1937 work of children’s writer Kazuko Murayama was published as a kamishibai in 1971 by her husband, Tomoyoshi Murayama. Tomoyoshi Murayama was active in Japan’s modern theater movement and as a playwright, stage director, illustrator, and author. Here, the unique and enjoyable expressions of vegetables convey the importance of being an individual while also recognizing the different strengths of others and journeying with them?essential aspects of life.

  • ¥1,760E
  • Sep 1, 1971
  • page:12sheets
  • ISBN:978-4-494-07598-0

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