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Tennin no hagoromo

The Celestial Robe

The Celestial Robe

Horio Seishi , Toshi Maruki

Hagoromo is a legend widely told throughout Japan, in which a heavenly lady comes to earth to retrieve her celestial robe. Writer Seishi Horio’s humanity makes this setting of the story particularly heartwarming. The impressively beautiful illustrations are the work of Toshi Maruki, known for the Hiroshima Murals. Her art for this kamishibai, first printed in 1961, capitalizes on special features of the format. A masterful retelling that could only have come to life as kamishibai.

  • ¥2,090E
  • Apr 1, 1961
  • page:16sheets
  • ISBN:978-4-494-07593-5

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