KAMISHIBAI It's a wonderful world!

There is a special joy in watching kamishibai because the performer faces the audience so that they can share the joy of the story-world together.

Kamishibai is rich in communication; the performer can communicate with the audience by changing his/her voice tone, allowing for the pause between each picture in sync with the motion of sliding in and out. Moreover interaction occurs naturally as the audience and the performer can see the expressions of each other.

Kamishibai is full of happiness; a resonant feeling or kyokan is shared among all the audience during the performance.

The word kyokan refers to people confirming the meaning of life together through sharing the same feeling about something.
Creating kyokan is the most important and essential aspect of kamishibai.

Not only kids but also adults love this culture born in Japan.
Kamishibai has been widely spreading all over the world!


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Using a stage is fundamental to performing kamishibai.
The stage plays an essentialrole in enhancing the special features of kamishibai
such as sliding in and out and facing the audience.
It strengthens concentration and serves to create the great joy of kyokan.

Kamishibai stage

Made of wood (Japanese Ash) / screen size : 34.6×24.7cm

Kamishibai stage make the screen seems bigger and help you keep audience's attention on perform.

  • ISBN978-4-494-07300-9
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